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Officially opening in 2013, Beyond The Willow Tree’s vision has been to capture a person’s physical representations of their life journey within beautifully handmade keepsake jewellery.
Melanie’s vision grew from an idea and passion behind what really matter’s in life and the way it makes us feel. Beyond The Willow Tree captures the pure essence and feeling behind a physical & emotional part in someone’s life, by taking their items which represent their journey and hand crafting them into delicate jewellery and other pieces in which a person can hold onto forever.
Beyond The Willow Tree is an outstanding world class service which individually hand crafts for around 200 family’s per month. Our creative and original concepts set us apart as a top leader in this unique DNA artistry, with products like our breast milk designer lace, Oxytocin breast milk & placenta design and our copper collection which helps fund women across the globe in learning new skills and empower them to create a living for themselves. We have changed the way this concept of jewellery is seen and worn globally by establishing a professional service with heart and soul. We place the utmost care and love into each piece we create, and treat them with respect and care for which they deserve.
Beyond The Willow Tree is Australia’s original designer of this jewellery concept & is proudly registered to import and export such precious items from around the world, delivering your items straight to your door.
We take pride in creating our own original concepts and designs, so majority of what you see in our range is a Beyond The Willow Tree original design and concept.
Hand crafting such a special art form isn’t just about placing materials together to create a piece of jewellery, It is about you and what makes your journey different. It is about celebrating your life and capturing the most intimate and pleasurable moments, or the moments which you overcame fears and struggles with such determination.
Beyond The Willow Tree also works very closely with families of loss and sadness. This is something which we specialize in and hold dear to our hearts. Your journey after loss matters to us, and we ensure your journey is respected.
Your story matters & should be captured with love.
This is our promise to you.
You can find our website at WWW.BEYONDTHEWILLOWTREE.COM
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